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I accepted your invitation to join because I am sure that I have traced my Nixon line back to the Leek area.

My ancestor, Jonathan Nixon, arrived in the colonies in 1738. Prince George's County, Maryland records 110 acres of land leased to Jonathan Nixon to rent for seven years from Mary Mitchell, widow, on Dec 4, 1753. His occupation is listed as leather dresser.”    Jonathan would have leveraged himself upward financially with this 110 acre lease to his purchase of the 306 acres of “Leek” in 1764 followed by the 60 acres of “Poor Stony Hill” in 1766 and then by the 273 acres of the “Farm” in 1771.  It was his naming his first land purchase "Leek" along with notes in his marriage records that he was recently of "Leek, in Stafford Shire" that helped direct me to Leek.

An excerpt from British Roots of Maryland Families by Robert Barnes, Publ. Genealogical Publishing Co., Chapter: N Page: 331 contains the following: 


                             THE NIXON FAMILY


            1.  Joshua Nixon of Leek, Staffordshire m. Mary (N) and was the father of  (IGI): Joshua bapt. 15 Nov 1706 and Jonathan Nixon, bapt. 29 Oct. 1708


            2. Jonathan Nixon, son of Joshua Nixon and Mary was bapt 29 Oct 1708 at Leek, Staffordshire, and married Mary Sherrat on 29 July 1738 at St John's Piscataway Parish,  PG Co.  Jonathan and Mary were the parents of (IGI, PGKG): Joshua, b. 1 Sep 1747; Mary, b. 17 May 1750; Richard, b. 6 May1752; Jonathan, b. 6 May 1754; Elizabeth, b. 19 Apr 1756; and Amey, b. 9 May 1763.    

I hired Sue Gill, of Staffordshire Ancestry Research Services to see if we could learn more:

It seems like St Edward, Leek is the church location.

In a will dated 15 Feb 1755, the elder Joshua says that he was of "Leekmoor" and that he was a "skinner".  His wealth was primarily in skins and leather.   Note that the Jonathan who went to the colonies was a "leather dresser".

I have more info.  Be assured that these Nixons from Leek are with progeny in the USA.   Happy to share.   P.S.  I am currently residing in Lochinver, Scotland 


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In my tree I have a William Nixon born abt 1630 in Leek , married on 2nd Nov 1663 to Mary Tatton born abt 1664 at Leek

I also have a John Nixon born about 1696 of Leire Leicestershire, who married Elizabeth Sleath born 1700;  in Leire in 1726

hope this helps

Nigel Hamilton

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Thanks Nigel for your interest and information.   I have attached some of my Nixon research data.  It contains a William born in 1632.   May be of interest to you.  I have not found any link from this data to my tree.

Ed von Gohren

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As mentioned in the other thread:

The Meerbrook Nixons marry into the Ashes. It is later than your Nixons but looks like it'll eventually tie in. So here is a quick infodump:

Thomas James Nixon married Catherine Ash. He took on her illegitimate son JW Ash (who is a direct ancestor in our tree) and moved to Ipstones (with her father, John Ash). They had two children together:

Louisa Nixon, whose gravestone we've just mentioned in the other thread, as she is buried in Meerbrook - she died aged 4 months in 1886.

Her sister Esther (or Hester in the christening records) was born in 1885 and can be found in the 1891-1911 censuses:

Christening - where she is in as Hester:





If this is her marriage:

Then this is her death:

Thomas James' parents are Charles Nixon (1834-1866) and Louisa Spooner (1836-?):


Charles' christening:

Presumably his death:

Some census returns:



Her christening:


1871 with father-in-law:

1881 (just her and Thomas James):

The father-in-law is James Nixon born in Leekfrith in 1797 and died there in 1879 (and married to Hannah):







As we see from his records, his parents were James Nixon and Ann Nixon, who were, presumably born in 1770 ish. They seem to have have had 5 other kids:

There are a lot of other Nixons around Meerbrook:

Having looked up James Nixon, I find quite a few others knocking around:

James Nixon (christened: 27 Dec 1817), parents John and Ann Ash

James Nixon (christened: 28 Feb 1830), parents James and Elizabeth Nixon:

I also found this 1652 one, who left for Ireland:

James Nixon and Sarah Edwards certainly seem to have produced a lot of kids in Meerbrook in the 1650s, which will certainly have helped spread the genes around the area:

Quite how it all links together is tricky.

Anyway, make of that what you will.

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Thanks for the post.  It has been some time since I have worked on the Nixon/Nixson/Nickson family there.  I would like to make a couple of comments.

I now am aware that the family that I am following were resident over these early years (17th century) in and around Macclesfield, Sutton, Heaton, and Rushton Spence.  A property named Tythbarngate in Heaton was prominant in the family history at this time.

Then, your comment re James Nixon and Sarah Edwards gave me shudders.  I do not trust the data base on the familysearch site.  It is ok for individual records, but has much bad data on relationships.  This is due to the nature of submissions to the site by people who have made errors in their genealogical research.  If you go to that link, note the George Nixon on the left side of the screen.  Click on that and you will see that he is credited with a son Jonathan.  Click on Jonathan and you will see that he is the Jonathan of Montgomery Co, Maryland.  NOT SO!   The Jonathan of my first post on this thread and my line is not the son of a George Nixon.  I have studied the situation and find ample evidence that George's son is an entirely different Jonathan.  It is an error that permeates the Nixon genealogy of many USA Nixons.   The bad data probably extends to all surnames in internet genealogical sites and requires a good researcher to scrutinize every statement.

I may never get to the attempt to find Nixon descendants in the UK from the 18th and 19th centuries.  My plate is full with my branches in the USA of Scofields, Waterburys, Everetts, Wells, Frys, etc.   Oh, well.  It keeps me busy.  Thanks again.

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